“There is no problem without a solution, there is no solution without a better option,
Our Secret: Find the right one!”

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Our Service Specialties

Software Architecture

  • UML
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Robustness
  • Fit for purpose analysis
  • Separation of concerns
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Business Analysis

  • Deep Analysis
  • Essential Business Impact
  • Focus on Business Impact
  • Wider Look
  • Complexity made simple
  • Use Cases backed with user journeys
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Team Management

  • Inspire by example
  • Make the best out of existing skills
  • Skill them up
  • Hire Talents not Skills
  • Promote Team Spirit
  • Waterfall
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  • Testing Testing Testing
  • Document Document Document
  • TDD – BDD
  • Automate
  • Continuous Integration
  • Regression Test
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  • C#, .NET, MVC, Web API, ASP.NET, MVVM, multi-layered architecture, design pattern, web services, message queueing, Javascript, jQuery
  • HTML5, Boilerplate, bootstrap, responsive design, Angular JS, SQL Server, MySQL, XML, Sybase
    Agile Scrum, XP
  • TDD, BDD
  • Reverse Engineering
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  • Microsoft Servers
  • Web Farms
  • load balanced clusters
  • Failover Clusters
  • Cloud Servers – Azure
  • Resilience
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  • Content Management System
  • Conversation Proven Intelligent Search
  • Robust Integration Patterns
  • Customer Tracking – Google / Bit Tracking
  • Social Media Integration
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Coremetrics
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Businnes Support

  • Always with a smile!
  • All developers should be good in supporting users because of the rich information they provide.
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